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Ongoing Maintenance and Inspection

Electric Vehicle Charging Points and Solar Systems

Chargepoint Management

Badock golfball dispenser management

  • Our chargepoint management platform enables full visibility and control of all of your chargepoints. You can also view real-time activity, monitoring, CO2 savings and energy usage all at the click of a button, helping you understand charging behaviours and where further infrastructure may be required.
  • Allow users to recharge their vehicles within the tap of a finger using the app.
  • Add more EV charging points to your infrastructure as and when demand increases.
  • Whether it’s a Tesla or a Renault ZOE, our EV chargers are compatible with all plug-in vehicles.
  • Charge your visitors to use your EV charging points, by simply setting your own tariffs and billing per kWh/hr session.
  • Adjust your price plans accordingly to meet your business’ requirements. Offer charging at flexible rates depending on days, times, duration and more.

Regular On-site Testing and Remote Monitoring

British Solar Power Maintenance

Periodic testing of EV charging points is a BS7671 requirement

  • Our ChargeCheck EV charging tester is designed to carry out a full range of tests on all 3.6kW (16A) and 7.2kW (32A) single phase, Mode 3, J1772 (Type 1) and IEC 62196 (Type 2) EV charging points.
  • Specifications for incoming power
  • Location of power feed cabinets
  • Cable length and voltage drop calculations to BS7671 18th Edition
  • Supply and installation of high current capacity armoured cabling
  • AutoCad drawings showing ducting requirements
  • Mounting Base specifications and installation supervision
  • Co-operation with electricity suppliers on service head and meter installation
  • Experienced installation operatives, certified electricians
  • Electrical Installation Certificates with design documentation
  • Commissioning, Test and Payment System configuration
  • Custom charging capacities to match power availability

British Solar Power Maintenance

British Solar Power