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E-Motion Trade Organisations MCS, NAPIT and OZEV

British Solar Power Major Accreditations and Certifications

Installation by Certified Professionals

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  • THE BS7671 18th edition elecrical installation standards are covered in a book about the size of an old fashioned telephone directory.
  • All BS7671 certified electricians must take a number of City & Guilds courses and pass a 2 hour computer based exam on each subject. They must also possess separate electro-technology qualifications and take a yearly practical wiring examination.
  • OZEV registration demands that the electricians concerned are registered as competent persons on the nation electrotechnology database. They must also pass the specific City & Guilds examination for Electric Vehicle charging point installation.
  • Small Developers and jobbing builders can operate without CSCS registration but it is mandatory for work on large 'notifiable' building sites where hundreds of tradesmen may be working alongside heavy machinery and with relatively high voltage electricity supplies. CSCS registration involves a 2 hour exam on many health & safety issues.
  • Construction companies operating on large sites must be SSIP registered and carry a minimum of £5 million indemnity insurance.

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OZEV, SAFE, MCS, NAPIT, OLEV, Rolec, SolaX Certifications

British Solar Power Accreditations

The significance of Company Accreditations

  • OZEV - the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles is administered by the government Department of Vehicle Licensing or the DVLA. OZEV certification enables us to administer applications for EV Charging grants and we are certified under both the Homecharge scheme (EVHS1771) and the EV Workplace scheme (SCS1772)
  • SAFE - is a construction industry Safety Schemes In Procurement certification and is best described as the gold standard for health & safety practices on large construction sites.
  • CSCS - is a requirement for individual employees who need to work on large construction sites and involves training in Health & Safety practices. CSCS holders carry a card similar to a credit card which has to be produced upon request.
  • MCS - certifies that the company has been successfully assessed on an annual basis to install solar photovoltaic systems to the MIS-3002 standard. The assessment covers quality control and operational competence. MCS registration is essential for registering new solar installations and obtaining the MCS certificate required to meet planning requirements.
  • IWA - the Independent Warranty Authority that provides independent third party insurance backed warranties for solar and EV installations. It is not possible to register new solar installations without third party warranty insurance cover.
  • RECC - the Renewable Energy Consumer Code is the code to which we must conform to deal fairly with consumers. The code forbids, amongst other things, high pressure selling and taking unfair or excessive deposits from domestic customers.
  • STROMA - is the certification body that authorises us to practice as certified electricians in the capacity of a competent person and covers the work related to connecting electrical installations to the electricity supply and registering Electrical Installation Certificates. All STROMA certified work has to conform to the BS7671 standard for electrical installation.
  • NAPIT - is the certification body that authorises us to self certify new solar systems in order to apply for Building Control Certicates without referring back to local council building standards departments.
  • ROLEC - The manufacturer of EV charging points manufactured in Britain. ROLEC approval involves training to install the products and possession the all important specialist ChargeCheck test equipment needed to sign the charging points off as correctly installed and working.
  • SOLAX - The manufacturer of Solax solar inverters and battery storage systems. Solax certification is required to claim under warranty because it ensures that the equipment is correctly installed and commissioned.

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